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Silver Dollar Pale Ale

Silver Dollar Pale Ale

A deep golden-amber colored ale that is rich and malty yet very smooth. This beer is a cross between American and British style Pale Ales. A blend of Pacific Northwestern pale malted barley with a blend of American hops round out the flavor of this session drinking brew. "I'd buy THAT for a dollar - A SILVER DOLLAR!"
  Starting Specific Gravity: 1.045
Finishing Specific Gravity: 1.010
Beginning Degrees Plato: 11.2
Ending Degrees Plato: 2.5
  IBU: 30
Alcohol: 4.5% vol.

Comstock Lode Oktoberfest Lager

Comstock Lode Oktoberfest Lager

A reddish-amber colored lager that is rich, malty, and slightly hoppy in the classic Oktoberfest style. Using a combination of hops, a complex and powerful hop character is created to balance with the roasted maltiness of the Pacific Northwestern pale malted barley and a special blend of caramel malts.
  Starting Specific Gravity: 1.060
Finishing Specific Gravity: 1.015
Beginning Degrees Plato: 14.7
Ending Degrees Plato: 3.8
  IBU: 40
Alcohol: 5.8% vol.

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